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The price keeps RISING. (1)

Subject: The price keeps RISING.
Here are 11 reasons why, the time is
now, too grab this top selling, 63 page
pdf for under $7 bucks with…

..over 1001 Rock-Solid, Split-Tested,
Open-Rate Increasing, Subject Lines.

Besides the fact, the price is
rising on it every few minutes:


Originally Posted by Blue Jedi;

“Hi Matt, This is a great product – I
will use it. Thank you for this.”


Originally Posted by catherinachia;

“Thanks Matt for sharing your awesome
subject lines data & collections ;p”


Originally Posted by Justin Michie;

is going to make me an easy 5 – 6 figures by the
end of this year. This is the deal of the century
and an absolute no-brainer to anyone who does
any email marketing! HUGE Thanks! Justin”


Originally Posted by scorcher;

“Excellent content and crazy cheap! Nice one Matt
– this is going to be extremely useful indeed.”


Originally Posted by KBrown;

“Matt I had to get this we hangout in a couple
solo groups (I know your the real deal!) and I have
bought other products from you …. your a great list
builder one I aspire to be like. Am talking about less
then XXXPRICE INCREASINGXXX bones …. get you some
of it!! This Bad Boy Gets My “Rock On” Approval!”


Originally Posted by igorhelpsyousucceed

“Matt, respect your work man. Picked both
front end and one of the OTO’s, I personally
think it’s friggin’ underpriced”


Originally Posted by fcracer;

“Great offer with solid content that can
used straight away. Love the split testing
stats as well, helps in prioritising what
subject lines to use.Thanks Matt”


Originally Posted by luckydog3g;

“Great Stuff Matt! You have got to be
the most honest and giving person in the
Internet Marketing community. Thanks
for all of your help!”


Originally Posted by ahkiat4u;

“Cool stuff, Matt…Can’t wait
to eat this up and multiply my
current earnings online.”


Originally Posted by Phoenix68;

“Knowing how much you test, re-test
and test again, this information is
like gold dust! Thanks Matt!


Now that your read all the way to
this point, you might as well grab
it because the price won’t get any
lower then it is right now…

(click here to grab it!)


Best Regards,


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