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the last time!

Subject: the last time!
First as you probably seen I’m
bringing back “Marketing Madness”
for the first time since 2008…

..but it’s also going to
be the last time too!

Therefore, I’d urge you to do whatever
you can to get there because we are not
going to have your usual suspects 🙂

For example:

Greig Wells – LinkedIn Insider Secrets

Mike Stewart – The Internet Audio/Video Guy

China Dave Gruber – The China Strategy

And myself.

But, here’s the problem we only have 29 more
seats lefts for this event – that’s it… No
more seats will be available after that!

So to attend you must register by going
here right now before it’s to late:


BTW: the seats are on sale for
$197 but you can get a free ticket
if you use PROMO CODE: MMRMB

Best Regards,


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