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Thanks for standing by.

Subject: Thanks for standing by.
Thanks for standing by.

Here it is:

First, I wanted to thank you because we are
about to blow past 2,000 sales any sec…

Next, some updates…

1. For affiliates who do not have a Warrior
Plus account yet but want to promote Solo
Ad Black Book, we’ve updated this page
with a step by step video:


2. We’ve updated the Affiliate Tools with
banners, tweets and Facebook comments:


3. I have something VERY important to share
with you that involves helping out a child
in need and what that has to do with your
promotion of the Solo Ad Black Book.

You see, my goal with launching SABB
was simply to help the IM community
with valuable info that I’ve been using
in my business.

But that focus has changed (as of last night).

If you read my private facebook post (keep
reading for link), you’ll see a girl named Brooke
that needs help.

Here’s what I want to do to help and how it involves you…

I’m going to donate $1 to every sale made
retro active back to the start of this launch
to help her and her family and ongoing…

…so it’ll be up for a while.

*That doesn’t come out of your commish,
it comes out of MY pocket. You still
get the full 100%.

So how does this involve YOU and how
can you help?

Naturally, to really help this child and family,
I want to up the volume of sales!

To do that, I’ve asked some generous friends
of mine to help me put together a valuable set
of bonuses that every customer of Solo Ad
Black Book receives.

This does two things:

1. It will Boost sales for you.

By letting your audience know that for a
short time, they can get a limited collection
of valuable bonuses with their order of
SABB (with NO catch), your sales will

2. Gives exposure to this family’s need.

I’ll be creating a “Brooke’s Bonus”
page where customers can access
the collection of bonuses.

On that page, they’ll have an OPTION
to donate to help Brooke. But it’s
not necessary to get the bonuses.

The more sales… the more I donate
and the more chances a donation will
be made to the family from customers.

If they donate, great. If they don’t,
that’s great. It’s totally optional.


The “Brooke Bonus” will help you
get more sales because it’s full
of great value to your customers
& subscribers.

All I’m asking, is that (in exchange
for the boost in sales) you donate
the profits you get from 1 sale
(7 bucks) to Brooke…

…if you want – it’s up to you 🙂

I’ll update you on the Brooke Bonus
later, but if you want to contribute a
high value Bonus and/or read the
“Facebook post” I am referring to…

Go here:


Here’s to working together to
helping a lot of people!



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