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Test Message Download this FREE MP3 (1)

Subject: Test Message – Download this FREE MP3
My wife and I did a CD together years back,
and I put the audio up on the internet for you.

It’s was called “From Bankruptcy to Millions through
My Wife’s Eyes – the pillow talk you never heard”

Here you go – ENJOY ->>


I took it off the market a few years ago.

But, I wanted to give you access to it.


Matt Bacak

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Matt Bacak ‪‬
Date: Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 3:47 PM
Subject: I fired my wife.

That’s right.

After working side-by-side for
almost 8 years… I finally told my
wife to go home and be a mom.


(FYI: That’s not my biggest announcement)

That 2 month long sabbatical really got me
thinking like I said, and I realized that I needed to
strengthen the relationships with the people that
have always been there through thick and thin.

Because of that for the last month
and a 1/2 my kids have a now have
a full-time mom and I have a wife.

Only thing better was marrying her.

I totally know how lucky we were to
be creating the business together.

We both remember how painful it was
at times and how getting through it successfully
just makes life sweeter now.


I’m not a self-made millionaire, but a
couple-made millionaire. This powerful
MP3 was created just for you and as a
tribute to the amazing job my wife did.

And quite frankly, we want to encourage
those in the beginning stages of building their
own business, building their own dream.

We sold this as a CD years ago, until
I took it off the market. And now I’m
bring it back to you one last time.

This time as a MP3 free download.

GRAB THIS MP3: (at no cost)


I hope you enjoy it!

With appreciation,


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