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Sorry.. please ask questions. [IMGold Members and Past Students] (1)

Subject: Sorry.. please ask questions. [IMGold Members and Past Students]
Hey Matt,

I’m sorry, I haven’t you mailed about
the Monday night call until till now.

Unfortunately things have been crazy
because of all the complications and things
going on… I’ve kinda been out of it…

For the details go here:


Just so you know…

I have had a very good track record for these
Monday night calls… you might not realize it but
next week will be the 360th call I attend.

(better then anyone in the industry – I’d say)

In over 7 years – I’ve only missed 5 calls.

So… It’s an extremely RARE thing.

Don’t worry, because this monday I’ll
work overtime that night and make sure
all your questions get answered… so..

Please submit your questions here:


And I’ll see you this monday night.

Thank you for your understanding.


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