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Re [jv] Spillover Commissions (Mon. Aug. 27th) (25)

Subject: Re: [jv] Spillover Commissions – (Mon. Aug. 27th)

> Not sure if you use JVnotify pro to watch what’s
> coming up. I’m launching Spillover Commissions on
> Mon. the 27th and I’d love to have your support.
> I’m giving away 15k in contest cash this time.
> Don’t worry, I’ve been testing this for last 2 weeks…
> …refunds are low as heck.
> …my personal numbers for this offer have
> been freakishly high so Shawn Casey just
> mailed to get some early test data.
> He sent me a smiley face and said
> he’s at $1.85 epc right now.
> I know it’ll only get better then
> that by the 27th… for sure!
> Just wanted to make sure you’re in 😉
> Hit me back and let me know.
> https://www.trafficretail.com

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