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Re [jv] I’ve got 1k for somebody new…(Day 4) (2)

Subject: Re: [jv] I’ve got 1k for somebody new…(Day 4)
Hey buddy,

I don’t suppose you can let me know how my mailings doing?

Traffic, EPC, Overall $??

Can’t login to your affiliate area as it’s just lagging!

Need to know whether to mail this offer again or your other one 😉


Well, it was a very close
race to the 1k today…

Gary Ambrose was soo close…
Justin Michie & Sean Clark were little closer…

But, Mike Auton & Craig Kaye took it!

Great job guys.

I appreciate your ongoing support.

You’re always there for us.

It’ll be interesting to see who
takes the final 1k tomorrow!

We’ll all have to mail and see.

Great Job again!


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