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RE Attn Affiliates (1)

Subject: Attn: Affiliates

Hey guys, first thank you for being my
affiliate – I truly appreciate you!

Everyone’s looking for the next profitable
product. Yet, these days people also demand
high-quality. Something that won’t refund.

My buddy Ori, has a really killer
offer that delivers on both fronts.

It converts (Made Perry Belcher $1.90EPC
and that was before Ori added upsells)

Also, your clients will thank you for it. It
fills a need, and is super-high quality.

Because you’re one of my better affiliates,
I wanted to give you the heads up about this,
before everyone else stars mailing.

Go here and sign up to promote this:

Ori’s supplying you with everything
you need to crush it with this offer.

What are you waiting for?

Go to the url above and to mail it before
your competitors do.

Best Regards,


P.S. This product rocks! I checked it
out myself. It’s no surprise that their
refund rate is practically non-existent.
Go sign up at: (you can thank me later)


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