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Raising the price from $97 to $1,997 (not $197)

Subject: Raising the price from $97 to $1,997 (not $197)
Hi Friend,

What!? Raising Price: “Secret Traffic Machine” to $1997?

Just kidding about the $1997, but…

Did you realize, in the past… I had
similar training for over $3,500?

Not for a ridiculously low investment
of $97 like it is at this very moment.

So, I’ve been thinking…

…and I have good news and bad news.

GOOD NEWS: I’m choosing not to raise the
price on it to $197 as I originally intended…

BAD NEWS: I’m not raising it because I’m going
to just take the whole product off the market.

If you value experience, wisdom and
innovation then I’d suggest grabbing
this before I take it down in 5 days.

Grab it by going here.


Best Regards,


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