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Problem about tonights call. Grrrrrrrrr [IMGold Members and Past

Subject: Problem about tonights call. Grrrrrrrrr? [IMGold Members and Past
Hey Matt,

I am in NY today. This whole weekend
I was without internet because I was with
a few internet buddies out at my land.

I call “God’s Country”.

Then I took them all to Talledega to drive
NASCAR’s on the track – it was AWESOME!

But, I just discovered that the phone lines for
tonight’s Q&A call are not working properly.

So here’s what we are going to do.

I’m going to let you submit your questions
till this WEDNESDAY at noon, then I will answer
all the questions and send you the recording.

Go here and submit them.


Remember the cut off is on Weds at Noon.

Submit them by going here, right now:




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