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Please read this ) (3)

Subject: Please read this 🙂
I just wanted to quickly
let you know how things are
going to work tomorrow.

This brand new product that
reveals step-by-step how China
Dave built a brand new list…

(fyi: China Dave is my high end client
who is kicking butt and taking names)

“How He Built A Brand New
Email List of 31,525 Subs
in Less Than 59 Days”…

…and find out how you too
can make up to $700 in affiliate
commissions in a single day.


Well the product, will be released
to his own early bird signups, before
it’s open to the public. Basically…

If you are on his early bird list
you will be notified with the link to
buy before everyone else is, so you
can get it at the cheapest price.

It’s going to be a dime sale
so it pays to be the first.

The price will be rising
aggressively, be FAST!

So go here right now to get
on his early bird list:


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