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personal message from Matt’s brother. (PRIVATE)

sub – personal message from Matt’s brother. (PRIVATE)

Hi, this is Matt’s Brother, Jason.

I don’t think we have met yet.

So, it’s nice to finally meet you.

Matt has talked very highly of
you guys through the years.

I’m not sure if you know it, but
today’s my brothers birthday.

He just turned 34…(he’s my older
brother) so I wanted to secretly do
something special for him today.

I was hoping to get your help
with one of his presents.

I wanted to email you and see if we
can do a surprise mailing for him.

If you know Matt, then you know him
seeing affiliate orders come in would be
one of his favorite presents – EVER.

Believe me. All he ever does is
refresh his iPhone to see orders.

I’m sorry this is last minute, however
I personally know his new offer is doing
even better now at the new price and
that price rises again tomorrow night.

So right now it the PERFECT time to
mail it before he raises the price again.

By the way, Matt was commenting the
other day about how when he raised the
price that conversion never changed but
the EPC rises because more people are
now buying the upsells. Amazing!

If you could get a last minute email
out for him – That would really make
his birthday even more special.

What do you say?

Let’s surprise him.

I grabbed his new best converting emails (I
helped test them) and put them below for you
with your affiliate link already inside them.

As Matt always says, “You ROCK!”

Here’s those emails with affiliate links:

Secret Traffic Machine
Your Affiliate Link:


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