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OMG Our Customers Have Gone Crazy!

Subject: OMG – Our Customers Have Gone Crazy!

UPDATE on Private Customer Workshop Registration

Hi Matt,

Okay… we thought you would be excited about

this Free Customer Workshop, but we had no

idea things would get this crazy.

Our support teams have been buried by requests

to jump the line and register early.

I guess we should have seen this coming when

we decided to join forces with top marketer

Shawn Casey to spend 2 days showing you everything

you need to know about getting more traffic,

leads, customers, and cash!

And do it all Free!

To relieve the burden on our overwhelmed

support teams, here’s the answer to the

most common questions:

1 – Can you give me the details on the event,

when it is, etc. so I can make plans?

You can get a sneak peek here:


2 – Are there really only 140 seats?

Yes.  Only 140 seats.  This venue is very

special as you’ll see, but our space is

strictly limited.

Once all 140 seats are filled, we don’t

have any additional space. That’s why

we’re trying to be fair to our huge

numbers of customers and give everyone

an equal chance to get in.

3 – I’m a really good customer, and I really

want to attend the workshop, can I get a

link to register early?

Thank you for being a such a good customer,

but we have to be fair to everyone so

the answer is, “No.”

4 – What is the earliest I can register?

11 a.m. Eastern U.S. time on Friday morning.

That’s 4 p.m. GMT (London).

5 – How do I make sure I can be one of the

140 people who get to attend this Private

Customer Workshop?

While we’ll be sending you an email on Friday

morning at 11 a.m., we suggest that you go

to the event page and have it open on Friday

at the right time.

Start refreshing the page at 11 a.m.

(or a couple of minutes before) so you

can be the first to get in when were

add the registration links.


6 – Can I bring my spouse, business partner,

best friend, next door neighbor, dog, etc.?

Your dog? No.  But yes, you can bring one

adult guest.

Good luck tomorrow…

We hope to see you in January!


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