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(OMG Affilaites) Shocking Mass Money Makers turn of events…

QUICK: Stop chatting, stop browsing
Facebook, stop doing what ever you’re
doing, you to read this for 2 minutes…


5 days in, and it’s nothing but chaos…

…marketing superstars from all over the
world are coming to play what can only be
termed as the “world cup” of internet marketing…

…it’s the only time the entire community truly
comes together to battle it out…

And with that, there’s a shocking turn of mass
money makers turn of events…

Before we tell you what they are, know this…

We need your unconditional support for a few
more days, that’s it.

…We’ve decided to switch up plans a bit, and
chose to end the official $27,000 launch contest
on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 at 11:00 a.m.

Making it a true classic 7 day run.

So you got a few more days of non-stop promoting!

We decided to do this out of respect to everyone
else in the game, we had one helluva run, and
there are other guys lining up to do their launches
– so we didn’t want to step on anyone’s launch.

So, with that in mind…here’s what’s going on.

On Tuesday, at 11:00 a.m. we’re going to raise
the price to $47, so this means – you can let
your subscribers know that the price is going
up and they need to ACT now, or miss out
(hint hint).

Wait, none of this hint hint stuff…promote the
hell out of the fact that the price is going up,
and get people to buy.

Also, bonuses have been getting people sales
like crazy, so here…use these bonuses to get
even more sales:


Now…onto the shocking turn of events.

A new daily $1,000 winner has emerged,
and ended Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta’s
unstoppable 3 day run.

Shawn Casey came in as the top seller for
day 5.

But, the top 10 using every trick in the book,
how long can he hold on to the top daily seller

Only time will tell…

Here’s a quick update on the $1,000 winners:

# Day 1 – Bill McRea $1,000 Winner
# Day 2 – Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta $1,000 winners
# Day 3 – Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta $1,000 winners
# Day 4 – Paul Liburd and Antonio Giuditta $1,000 winners
# Day 5 – Shawn Casey $1,000 winner

The top 50 continues to amaze everyone
with the sheer amount of marketing firepower
behind it…

The to two are neck to neck…with Paul and
Antonio leading the way…

1. Paul Liburd and Antonio Guiditta
2. Shawn Casey
3. Bill McRea
4. Steven Lee Jones and Andrew X
5. Mo Latif and Adeel Chowdry
6. Michael Jones
7. Mike Litman
8. Patrick Coffey
9. Marty Rozmanith
10. Chris Moran
11. Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim
12. Jani G and Dylan Loh
13. Imran Sadiq
14. Philip Mansour
15. Philip Mutrie
16. Andrew Fox
17. Tim Bekker
18. Mike Ward
19. Mike Shah
20. Rob Benwell
21. Chris Freville
22. Matthew Marcus
23. Steven Iser
24. Tom Kim
25. Justin Michie
26. Tellman Knudson
27. Michael Collins
28. Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye
29. Gary Anbrose
30. Craig Kaye
31. Keith Wellman
32. Jonny Andrews
33. Fabian Tan
34. George Brown
35. Socrates Socratous
36. Ian Ross
37. Steven Johnson
38. Jamie Lewis
39. Michael Beeson
40. Mike Auton
41. Bryan Winters
42. Sean Donahoe
43. Keith Matthew
44. Andrew Loney
45. Jeff Paul
46. Hollis Carter
47. Alex Gates
48. Matt Benwell
49. Luis Almeida
50. Howie Schwartz

Now, let’s talk about the $290,000,000 prize.

Yes, two hundred and ninety million dollars.

Right now, there’s a lottery jackpot worth $290
million, see here:


So, what we’re doing is buying up 1,000 lottery
tickets. Each lottery ticket has a shot at winning
the $290,000,000 jackpot.

We’re going to take those 1,000 lottery tickets
and hand them out to the top 50…here’s how
we’ll give them out:

1st place gets 200 lottery tickets
2nd place gets 100 lottery tickets
3rd place gets 40 lottery tickets
4th place gets 40 lottery tickets
5th place gets 40 lottery tickets
6th place gets 40 lottery tickets
7th place gets 40 lottery tickets
8th place gets 40 lottery tickets
9th place gets 40 lottery tickets
10th place gets 40 lottery tickets

Everyone in the 11th to 50th place
gets 10 lottery tickets.

So yes, you can win up to $290,000,000
which is the biggest prize in IM history.

Who does this? WE DO :-).

The contest is on, all the way ’till Tuesday
11:00 a.m. EST, go, go, go…don’t stop.

Mail twice a day, three times a day, you
got more juice in your list than you know.

– https://www.imoneyhub.com

p.s. Many of you got some personal e-mails
form me over the past two days, and I want
you to know, it’s because I care and I know
what you’re truly capable of :-).

p.p.s. Here are your e-mails for the day,
all you have to do is just copy and paste.
Thees are tested emails, they work, use

All you have to do is refer back to this
e-mail, copy, paste, send.

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