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my computer went crazy

Subject: my computer went crazy
I spoke with Shawn earlier yesterday
and we have decided to close this offer
on Sunday, the 17th at midnight…

…because we are going to bring it
back for a higher price.

(Sorry, I would have told you
earlier but my computer went
crazy and I just got new one)

But, if you have not gotten your
copy yet. Please do it ASAP.

You have less then…

3 days, 1 hour, 21 minutes, 32 seconds

…left as of the time I wrote this.

I’d urge you to grab it now before
you have to grab it at a much higher
price then it is right now.

Go here:


Best Regards,

P.S. We’ve gotten stellar reviews and have
people already telling us that by following our
directions they’ve made a lot more money 🙂

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