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Leaderboard update 1k Contest Winner inside…


Drum roll please…

Yesterday’s $1k winner is…

Dum Dum Dada… Gregory Wood!

Who’s going to win today’s 1k contest?

(fyi: you just have to sell the most
TODAY to win the 1k, not overall)

…and running for the overall 10k Contest….

The “OVERALL” Top 47 Leaderboard:

1Gregory Wood
2Sal Haque & Sean Miller
3Steve Iser
4Steven Johnson
5Kieran Gill
6Michael Rasmussen
7Imran Sadiq
8Andrew X
9Andrew Coore
10Alvin Cortez
11Gary Ambrose
12Matt Benwell
14Rob Benwell
15Craig K
16Justin Michie
17Ian Ross
18Big John
19Mike Auton
20Travis Stephenson
21Keith Matthew
22Chloe Nguyen
23Charles Mutrie
24Chris Freville
25Huey Lee
26Patric Chan
27Kisha Daine
28Jamie Lewis
29PauL Walker
30Mike Helton
31Socrates Socratous
32Grayson Brookshire
33Fred Ferry
34Jason Smith
35Dino Goncalves
37Darren Jennings
38Ray Gregoire
39Devon Brown
40Shawn Brown
41Desmond ONG
42Sam Bell
43Julie Brock
44Vincent Melia
45Xiaodong Peng
46Mark Winget
47Sean Clark

This is going to change fast! Birdie told me
that some “BIG DOGS” are coming to play 🙂

You guys rock!


Here are more swipes below, new ones too:

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