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Launch Help

Subject: Launch Help?
Thanks again for your purchase of Gravity2000.

Since the release, I’ve been
getting emails from customers
that want me to help them with
their upcoming launch…

So I’ve decided to open up a few
hours on my calendar to help them.

If you want help too, then
let me know right away.

In the past I’ve charged 2k for one
hour of consulting, however…

Since you’re a valued customer
of Gravity2000, I’m slashing my
hourly rate in half…to 1k.

Just remember, this is “first
come, first served.” I only have
a few slots available.

I can’t help everyone. Only the first
to respond to the email address below
will secure a VIP spot…

Send your email to Dave at:

Talk to you soon.


P.S. Let him know you want one-on
-one ‘launch help’ from me and also
exactly what you need help with.

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