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Killer Swipe Inside (affiliates) Recently activated the OTO

Subject: Killer Swipe Inside (affiliates) Recently activated the OTO
Check this out, we recently
activated the oto as in made it
live and walla, check this:


Plus, EPC’s are holding strong
at over $1 and I haven’t mailed
yet because I’m waiting on you.

If you haven’t requested your
affiliate links yet, just go to
the page above for that too.

Here’s the swipe to mail:

subject: Dime Sale!

Matt Bacak and China Dave,
an online buddy of mine just
launched a killer product…

..it’s a dime sale so I
wanted to notify you about
this now before the price
goes up again.

Btw: I just heard from Matt
that he’s about to finally mail
his own list about it.

He’s been holding off
for me to tell you.

That means you can still get
it at the ridiculously low price
that it’s at right now.


Be fast!


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