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It’s almost sold out… (2)

Subject: It’s almost sold out…
Hi Jason,

We had a few people who canceled their
reservations for our Private Customer
Workshop that starts on Friday.

So that means we have a couple spots
left that will go any minute now.

Those spots are open until they are
filled from people on the waiting
list or we hit the lunch order
deadline on Wednesday morning.

Since we’re buying lunch for attendees,
we have to give the club a final count
tomorrow. So we have to cut this off.

Since the event is Free, we’re
not buying extra lunches. 😉

If you want the free training with us,
(Shawn Casey, Brian Koz, and Matt Bacak)
this would be a really good time to
raise your hand and get a reservation

Otherwise, you’ll miss out.

See if any spots are left here.


BTW – 2 observations about this event.

1 – The guest list has some seriously
top notch marketers and business owners.
We’re talking about people who’ve sold
a gazillion bucks online, offline, on
TV, and more.

Those are the attendees I’m talking about.
Not the speakers. The only speakers are
the 3 of us.

2 – This is a lot of damn work getting
all the preparations ready.

See if any spots are left here.


See you Friday.


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