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Interesting Facts..

Subject: Interesting Facts..
Lately, I’ve been reinventing my life
& business.(if you haven’t noticed)

So, when I read this it spoke to me
and I hope it does the same for you.

Interesting FACT:

After moving to Chicago in 1891
with just $32 in his pocket, William
Wrigley, Jr. began a soap business.

As an incentive to buy the soap, Wrigley
threw in a free can of baking powder.

Soon finding baking powder was more popular
than soap, he switched businesses.

A year later, Wrigley started throwing in
chewing gum for buying baking powder.

When chewing gum made a bigger profit than
baking powder, Wrigley shifted businesses once
again. His success with gum, however, stuck
considerably well. Juicy Fruit, anyone?

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P.S. this was Pulled & Copied from CEO.com

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