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This is incredible…

More Bonuses are coming in!

And so are the sales… If you
haven’t grabbed your copy yet…

…the time is now because the price
is rising quicker then before!

Go here and grab it.


Matt Bacak

P.S. I sent this earlier and just
wanted to make sure you knew 🙂

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Matt Bacak
Date: Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 12:57 PM
Subject: Big News

Thanks for standing by, right now
almost 2,000 people have grabbed their
copy of my Solo Ad Black Book…

And over the last few days…

I’ve been putting together an
amazing extra bonus package to
make grabbing the “Black Book”
an absolute no-brainer…

…but more importantly to
help someone in need.

Great Marketers like…

Jonathan Mizel, Shawn Casey,
Mike Litman, David Frey, Marlon
Sanders, Jo Han Mok, Justin
Glover, Glen Hopkins, either
have or are contributing.

The extra bonuses will be
called: “Brooke Bonuses”

So, here’s what started this
Facebook post the other day:



Here’s the deal:

When you purchase today, I’m going to
donate a dollar (for every sale) to help
a child in need, named Brooke…

…and give you a bunch
of un-advertised “Brooke
Bonuses” contributed by
people that care.

So go grab your copy right now
because 2,000 people before this
announcement can’t be wrong…


Best Regards,


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