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I’m sorry.

Subject: I’m sorry.
Hi Matt,

I’m sorry, if you haven’t heard from
me in a while, unfortunately…

..the CRM I was using since 2003
crapped out on me a while back after
a huge launch that I did.

I’d really love to reconnect.

That’s why I wanted to let you know…

I’m doing a free private workshop
at my country club at the end of this
month and I’d like to invite you…

However, you must register here:


I’ll be hosting it with my neighbor, Shawn
Casey, who is also a member of the club and
has made many millions online too.

For the first time ever, we’re giving 140 of
our customers this one time opportunity to
work with us personally for 2 days for free.

We’re even buying lunch!

Register here:

We’ve never done a free workshop like this
before. We don’t plan to do it again.

See you at the club,


P.S. You can’t get in unless you are on our
guest list, that’s why you must register above.

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