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I’ll coach you every week. (1)

Subject: I’ll coach you every week.
Hi John,

Unfortunately, the opportunity to work
with me one-on-one is now filled and I
may open it back up at a later date…

…when my schedule opens again.


However, I do have a few slots open in
my “Insider Circle” coaching group.

Basically, every Wednesday at 9:00 est,
I host a private webinar for my insider
circle members and answer questions.

I help everyone with almost everything
they need to succeed on the internet.

I share 13 years of experience
I give people my resources.
I critique websites.
I help fix sales funnels.
I critique sales letters
I share traffic strategies.
I help people from being stuck
I get people clear.
I share my knowledge.

Really, you ask it – I answer it.

I stay on the webinar, as long as
It’s needed to make sure everyone
gets their questions answered…

And more importantly, I give No B.S.
advice that will really help them when
they actually implement what I say.

In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity for anyone
who wants my help every week to ensure their
business keeps moving forward.

If you are interested in being a part of my
“Insider Circle” weekly group, you may apply
by filling out the application below:

If you are a good fit, I’ll personally email
you a coupon code for a “14 day” – $1 trial.

Here’s where you can apply:


I’ll see you on the inside.

Best Regards,


P.S. The “Insider Circle” is currently at $197.95 a
month, so please don’t apply unless you are serious
about actually getting my help week-after-week.

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