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I’d had to use that line )

Subject: I’d had to use that line šŸ™‚
They aren’t running Cheetah FAST!

They are running faster then
the super hero Flash Gordon –
saviour of the universe …

Flash – a-ah – he’ll save
everyone of us.

Ok, maybe not since he’s not
real but this solo ad black book
will save you from buying from
crappy solo ad providers and
wasting your hard earned money…

…you can count on that!

Do yourself a favor and pick
up a copy now before the price
rising any more then it has.


Because like the great Tina
Spriggs said…”you’ll either
pay for it now or you’ll
really pay later..”

I told here I’d had to
use that line.. šŸ™‚

Hurry, and grab it now:


Best Regards,


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