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I just buy it…

Subject: I just buy it…
I posted this on the warrior
forum the other day…

Re: Pre-Launch: How I Made 1,602 Sales On
Vacation In Fiji (Solo Email Ads, baby!)


“Dude… open up the link I want it.
In all seriousness folks – anything with
Mizel’s name on it – is a MUST have. He’s
not just brilliant but his experience level
out ways more then almost everyone I know
online. I’d suggest refreshing your browser
anticipating the moment you can get your
hands on this… can’t wait for my copy!”

And today’s the day 🙂

So, I just bought it…

Purchase Details:
Transaction Id: AP-7JW0397986730973L
Date: Tuesday 3rd of December 2013 05:22:09 PM
Product Name: SoloAdExpert
Price: (REMOVED – Because it’s a DIME SALE)

Get it here: (before it rises)


Best Regards,


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