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I found you a new job… (4)

Subject: I found you a new job…
Hi [[first_name]]-ok,

Today is the day!

The Retired Millionaire has launched his NEVER
FAIL beginners guide along with everything you need
to make it online with practically no effort!

The early reviews are in and it’s really changing
everyone’s opinion on how easy it is to earn
online in a crazy short amount of time!

Check it out here:*


There is a problem though,
He is only giving this opportunity to 25 people
and then he is closing the spots in the program
PERMANENTLY,so you must act now if you want your
seat in the greatest online system to come out
to date!

Last time I checked there were only 12 spots left
and I’m sure they wont be there for long!*


I really can’t stress enough about how everything
is included, along with a 56-day safety net, so you
have nothing to lose!

If this wasn’t really important I wouldn’t be wasting
your time, so stop wasting yours and get over there
and AT LEAST check it out before it’s too late!*


To Your Success,


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