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Hopefully you can chip in )

Subject: Hopefully you can chip in 🙂
A bunch of marketers including….

Jonathan Mizel, Marlon Sanders, Shawn Casey,
Todd Gross, Jason Parker, Justin Glover & Glen
Hopkins, David Young & Phillip Desouza, “China”
Dave, Mike Litman, John Delavera, Chris Harris,
Chris Munch, Ali Chowdhry, David Frey…

…donated free digital donations (downloads)
of their products to help Brooke’s family.

There’s 2 days left.

$18,289 raised of $28,000 goal.

Hopefully you can chip in 🙂

I want to take the “give first”
approach with the “Brooke Bonuses”…

…believing that you will appreciate
the gesture and pay it forward.

Go here to grab the free stuff:


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