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Google deletes 30,000 accounts!!

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

It’s TRUE and that’s exactly what happened to 30,000 people
across the globe. Overnight Google TERMINATED their account and
they didn’t even have the courtesy to inform them.

I call this nothing short of being … RUDE!!!

Months later everyone receives the SAME, copy and paste email
template informing them they weren’t following the rules.

Everyones first reaction was … ‘Hang on, WHAT RULES??’

The rules they made the night before shutting them down.

Now imagine that happening to you??

Imagine waking up not being able to access your account or even
your money?

I’m sure you wouldn’t like it… would you?

Now with those accounts closed … what do you think everyone

They packed their Google bags and went on the hunt to find
traffic OUTSIDE of Google…

… but they wanted an IMMEDIATE quick fix.

They wanted something that didn’t have rules and at the same time
wanted something that was EASY to use, SIMPLE to understand and
got results … FASTER too!!

Go watch this video to see what these UNHAPPY users did next…*

= = > > https://www.trafficretail.com

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