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Fwd (internet business clients) Thank you, DAVE!!! (he ROCKS!!!)

Subject: Fwd: (internet business clients) Thank you, DAVE!!! (he ROCKS!!!)

I wanted to personally everyone that Dave
was busting his butt today adding a brand new
report to everyone’s download page and a brand
new followup email. So now you not only have
one but 2 reports…

…the second one is a surprise
bonus to your subscribers and a
surprise to you too!

Because everyone loves surprises. (Well, good
surprises that add value to peoples lives.)

I’m working on some brand new split tests so I
can get your sites converting even better plus it
will make your leads come in faster if my idea
works… which I strongly believe it will.

But, It’s just a experienced guess at this
moment and becomes the truth with test results.

Anyway, we are preparing for alot of traffic to
come your way and Dave rocked it today!

Thank you, Dave!!!

You All Rock 🙂

P.S. traffic is on the way shortly 🙂

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