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From the Desk of Matt Bacak

Subject: From the Desk of Matt Bacak
I’ve been sitting at my computer
all day starring at it because I
just couldn’t write an email.

It usually just comes naturally.

But, for some reason today…

…I couldn’t write anything.

I tried many things, like taking a
long shower, unplugging and playing
with the kids hoping I’d be inspired
but that just didn’t work.

Then I just shut everything down
and decided to just write…

So here it goes.

Something doesn’t feel right to me.

I created this product to help the IM community.


I created this Bonus to help a girl in need.


Combining them was stupid because
they are for two different purposes.

Therefore, everyone should get access
to the “Brooke Bonus” for free.

I don’t want this to be only
for my buyers. That was really
dumb on my part.

That’s why, I’m going to
open this up to everyone.

Here’s the link:


On that page, you will have an
OPTION to donate to help Brooke.

But it’s not necessary
to get the bonuses.

If you donate, great.

If you don’t, that’s great.

It’s totally optional.



P.S. I’m also donating $1 to her
family for every sale on my “black
book” if you choose to get that.


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