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Finally, somebody created the perfect keyword research tool!

Subject: Finally, somebody created the perfect keyword research tool!
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Hi Matt,

I know your likely very busy so I promise to keep this short.

If you know anything about me and the way I market online, you’ll know that
I’m a keyword research fanatic. Finding the “right” keywords that will send
“buyers” (keyword: BUYERS) to my websites is the single most important
starting point for any website I create.

Up until now, I was stuck using about 3-4 different keyword tools together, to
come up with the right information to uncover these keywords.

There’s tools that:

– generate a billion keywords
– show me tons of pay per click data
– show me all sorts of ratios and percentages
– show me anchor text and link counts, and titles tags, alt tags, and blah blah

But when it comes down to it, all I want to know is:

“What keyword is going to be easy to rank in Google” (i.e. get me traffic fast)
“What keyword is going to send BUYER traffic”

Well, FINALLY somebody has created the perfect niche finding tool. It’s does
exactly what I need, and I can personally guarantee you that it does what YOU

I won’t hype it up, because this tool is not about hype. It’s about being a
tool that just flat out works and does what WE need done.

Watch this video and I guarantee you’ll agree:

=> https://www.trafficretail.com

That’s all for now.

Talk soon,


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