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Donation thank you letter

Subject: Donation thank you letter
I just wanted to let everyone know that
we just donated $1 for every sale that came
in for the Solo Ad Black book as of…

…Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 1:46 PM

No one knew I was going to do this, not
even me, when this whole thing started…

…I got this letter after we passed the
1,000 Solo Ad Black Book sales mark.

The letter that started it all
can be found on this page:


The donation made today was for $2,068 and
it was made on your behalf, not mine.

If you want to help this family with a small
donation of your own and/or verify my donation
to feel confident that I’ve honored my word,
I’ve included a link to their page below…


I’ve never met Brooke, nor her family, but
I know what they are going through. This was
simply a random act of kindness.

Paying it forward,

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