Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

Dime Sale! UPDATE

Subject: Dime Sale! – UPDATE
I know that everyone is
SUPER excited to get access
to the product before the
price starts to aggressively
increase (and you will..)

So when?

Today, Sept 2nd around 2pm ESTish

FYI: That’s in about 12 hours 🙂

Why? Because I wanted to make
sure we double checked everything
so you enjoy the amazing product
you are going to get your hands
on for peanuts.

Remember: I WILL be sending you
an email before we officially open
it up to the public at 3 pm est.

I’d suggest you anticipate it…

.. so, please be on the look out for an
email with the subject line: “Priority Access”

Because when you see that
you need to quickly go to
that link so you can get the
lowest and cheapest price.

The early bird gets the worm!

Thanks everyone!!


P.S. this is super exciting
and I’m excited to be able to
notify you early on this!

P.P.S. please be on the look out
for an email at 2pm est with the
subject line: “Priority Access”

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