Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Customers Only) Mass Money Makers New Years Update )

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~,

It’s 5:11 am our time right now.

We hope you had a great new years eve,
and with that…happy new years!

We have some really great news…

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…

We truly do care for your success. :-).

That’s why we’ve stayed up all night on new
years even making changes to the Mass Money
Makers members area – so we can make things
an overall better experience for you.

We have a full time support team of 6 people
helping out, and we’ve been listening to your
feed-back non-stop…

…and along the way, we’ve been taking notes
(lots of notes) of what we need to do to improve
everything inside the members area.

And now, we’ve done it – we’ve made about 23
little changes to the members area that are all
designed to make your user experience better
– so you can get most out of the mass money

The training and everything else will stay the
same, except you’ll notice little changes of how
the information is presented and organized.

Everything matters to us…you matter, and these
little changes matter – you’ve invested in us,
and we’re going to go above and beyond to
invest in you.

Our #1 goal is to see you succeed, because
the more success you have, the more you’ll
invest in us, and the more we can invest in

It’s a win/win for everyone.

Again, have a happy new years, and we want
to see you finally succeed online in 2011.

Talk toon,


p.s. We’ll continue to keep improving everything for
you, so stay tuned to future updates from us.

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