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Beware of what Napoleon Hill said…

Subject: Beware of what “Napoleon Hill” said…
I just found these notes in my journal
and thought it was interesting…

Napoleon Hill said, “No man, apart from the insane,
takes any sort of action without a motive”.

The 9 basic Motives are:

Emotion of Love,
Emotion of S-ex,
Desire for Material Gain,
Desire for Self-Preservation,
Desire for freedom of body and mind,
Desire for self-expression and recognition,
Desire for life after death,
Desire for revenge and
Emotion of Fear.

Thought invoking, huh?

Anyway, here’s some encouragement for
your path to success – It’s been very encouraging
to me (that’s why I posted it on my blog)…


No matter what your actual motive is – I believe in you.

I hope to speak with you on tuesday.

Best Regards,


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