Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

Automated $15 a day, everyday (this is WILD)

Subject: Automated $15 a day, everyday? (this is WILD)
Hey there,

Haven’t made your first
few $100 online yet?

You’re in luck!

For the first time ever,
Malik is spilling the beans
and revealing his super brain-
dead simple system of making
an extra $10 – $15 a day,
every single day with very
little work involved.

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The simplicity of it is on a
whole new level!

+ no initial cost
+ just follow exactly what he does
+ he literally shows every click
of the mouse he makes that builds
the automated system.

Anyone can do it, an EVERYONE
should plug this in, no matter
what you’re doing. Its an easy
$15 with very little work involved.

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This has got to be the easiest method
to make a simple recurring income yet!

When you see what Malik has for you,
you might be surprised as to why
he isn’t charging more…

But he won’t leave it up forever,
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