Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

attn Solo Ad Black Book Customers )

Subject: attn: Solo Ad Black Book Customers 🙂
First, Thank you again for
being a proud owner of my Solo
Ad black book.

It’s about to break the 2,000
sales mark…Thanks to you!

When I first put this out I did it
to help the IM market place but now
it’s alot bigger then that…

…You can read more why – here:


As you will read on that page,
I’ve started to gather “digital
donations” from some of the top
marketers on the internet…

So far it includes:

Jonathan Mizel, Shawn Casey, Mike Litman,
David Frey, Marlon Sanders, Jo Han Mok, Justin
Glover, Glen Hopkins, either have or are
contributing. And…

They’re yours to download with no
catch as a Black Book customer.

…Many more are coming 🙂

That’s why we have updated the
download page where you will now
find a link to a page called:


We will be consistently updating the
“Brooke’s Bonus” page where you can
access the collection of bonuses (so
keep checking back).

On that page, you will have an OPTION
to donate to help Brooke. But it’s not
necessary to get the bonuses.

If you donate, great.

If you don’t, that’s great.

It’s totally optional.



P.S. I want to take the “give
first” approach believing that
you will appreciate the gesture
and reciprocate by donating.

Again, you’re under no
obligation to do so, but if
you do, and you’re able,
your generosity will be felt

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