Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) you got PAID

Subject: (affiliates) you got PAID?
Hey Matt,

This is an IMPORTANT Message to all my affiliates.

It seems very rare these days that people are
paying their affiliates. Especially on-time.

Well, today I paid my affiliates via paypal
and yesterday people got sent checks.

The way I look at it…

Affiliates are the oxygen to your business.

Since I have been in this game for almost
10 years now, I think I should be setting a
good example how things should be.

That’s why I’ve always made sure that
my affiliates got paid 30 days after they
promoted my offers. Yes, I have made
a few mistakes and missed it by a day
or two in the past. But, I always pay.

I believe it should be common sense that
you pay people you owe money to. (even if
you have to dig into your savings to do it)

I can tell you horror stories believe me.

I’ve always been one to pay my employees,
my speakers and my affiliates before myself.

I strongly feel – that’s the way it should be.

Nothing pisses me off more when I see
people with affiliate programs that owe me
money traveling around the world, buying
expensive bottles of wine, getting new
cars, funding projects with my money.

I would never do that to you!


To set a new industry example…

We have decided to move to a 2 week
payout from here on out so you get money
like clockwork every two weeks. 🙂

50% of your commissions paid
in 2 weeks, then the rest of the
commissions paid 2 weeks later.

That started TODAY.

Today, 50% of the commissions have
been paid. The remaining balance
is being paid 2 weeks from now.

There’s only 2 reasons you have not
got got paid from me AND only two!

1. You didn’t promote and/or make a sale! (I pay
my affiliates so you might want to mail next time)

2. If you did promote and made a sale…

We need to get a signed and dated, 2010 W9 (or W8) from
you so we can pay you out for your efforts with our launch.

W-9: https://www.imoneyhub.com

If you can please complete the appropriate form and email it
back to Tamara as an attachment, or fax it over to: 678-298-8348
(please send Tamara an email to confirm it’s been faxed).

Tamara Smith: https://www.imoneyhub.com

Thanks again for being part of the “Secret Traffic Machine” launch!

BTW: We are now moving to a every 2 week payout!

Just call me the new clickbank 🙂

Matt Bacak

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