Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) WSO UPDATE & birthday bribe help!

Subject: (affiliates) WSO UPDATE & birthday bribe help!

Today is my son’s 6th birthday.

I just got back from taking cupcakes
to the school and my wife and I had lunch
with him and a new friend. While we were
there, my mind was wondering a bit.

And tonight, we are having a little
party with him at the country club.

That’s why I’m asking for your help.

See here’s the deal..

I’m about 41 sales away from breaking 1,000
front end units on my WSO and I really want to
do this before we head to the party. (So, my mind
is with him…not wondering if we broke it)

So, if you could help me by giving me
a little push over the top by mailing…

…I’d be forever grateful to you.

Believe me I’m watching the stats as we
speak and seeing who’s sending traffic and
I’d love for it to be you.

That’s why, I’ll throw in a nice bribe:

Whomever, get’s the 1000’th sale…

…I’ll INSTANTLY paypal
you a $100 Bonus!

If you need swipes or still need to get
your links approved, please go here:


I’ll approve you right away.

Thanks for the help!

Best Regards,


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