Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) WSO UPDATE And Killer Swipe!

Subject: (affiliates) WSO UPDATE: And Killer Swipe!
First, I wanted to thank you again
for being apart of making this WSO
hit “WSO of the Day and Week”…

…in less then 11 hours.

I could have never have done it
with out you. This things still hot
and it’s only getting better.

Because, I just tweaked one of the
OTO’s and it’s conversion has increased
which means one thing…

…EPC increase 🙂

Below you will find the best
converting email & subject line
that I’ve tested so far.

If you still need to get
your links to promote this
please go here:


If not, then send just grab your
affiliate links and mail this email
because it’s totally crushing it!

SUBJECT LINE: …tested and proven subject lines


Matt Bacak’s Email Secret Weapon Is…

“…tested and proven subject lines…that’s worth a
small fortune to the smart marketer. And for the price…
it’s really a no brainer…”

This is a VERY rare offer…and a sheer GOLDMINE…

…and at the price, an EXCEPTIONAL purchase…

And with email open rates dropping…VERY timely…

Grab a millionaire marketer’s ACTUAL split-test

…and his BEST subject lines for over 3 years!


Let’s face it, you can make more money with email
marketing than with ANY other marketing strategy…

…but only if you do it RIGHT…

Veteran marketer Matt is handing you the KEYS to the
most crucial FIRST step, the one that will make the
BIGGEST difference in your results…

…Getting people to OPEN your emails…

Act fast, and you’ll also get his SUPER bonus…
how to write promotional emails FAST…

EVEN if there’s no swipes…

Swipe files like this can DRAMATICALLY improve your
results FAST…a very WORTHWHILE and PROVEN shortcut…

…that should cost MANY more times what Matt’s




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