Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) Urgent Spillover Commissions Launch PAUSED!

Subject: (affiliates) Urgent: Spillover Commissions Launch – PAUSED!

This is an email I didn’t want to
write but have to make the call…

I’m pausing the launch until
Friday due to server attacks.

This is the first time in my online
history that I’ve had to make this kind
of decision to suspended a launch but
at this moment it’s the best thing…

I want to make sure everything
is 100% back to normal AND…

Because, I don’t want you wasting traffic.



P.S. Chris Freville won the 1k and the
current leader board looks like this:

1. Chris Freville
2. Mike Auton & Craig Kaye
3. Ronnie Montano
4. Justin Michie & Sean Clark
5. Blake Barrett & Jerome Chapman
6. Paul Liburd
7. Gary Ambrose
8. Imran Sadiq
9. Peter Paul
10. Shawn Casey

P.P.S. The 10k contest is paused till Friday.

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