Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) Updated Top 71 of 455 Leader Board!

(affiliates) Updated “Top 71” of 455 Leader Board!

~Contact.FirstName~, you all are truly amazing!

Boy, feels like this puppy just got started!

…more affiliates are coming to the party.!

… EPC’s are rising faster then before!

…the competition is getting fierce!

Now, before I tell you the top 71 leader
board, here’s yesterdays, 1k winner:

…Greg Wood again!

That makes 2 days in a row,
but look out Greg because there’s
some rumbling down under, and
they all gunning for you…

REMINDER: From December 16th to December 23rd,
we’ll have two 8 day contests with $19,000 in
prizes for the people who sell the most units.

Now, here’s the top 71 leader board:

1Greg Wood
2Sal Haque & Sean Miller
3Matt Marcus & Jay Deiboldt
4Steve Iser
5Steven Johnson
6Michael Rasmussen
7Imran Sadiq
8Kieran Gill
9Andrew Coore
10Rob Benwell
11Andrew X
12Gary Ambrose
13Alvin Cortez
14Matt Benwell
16Jordan Hall
17Craig K
18Brian Litman
19Justin Michie
20Mike Auton
21Chloe Nguyen
22Ian Ross
23PauL Walker
24Mining Gold
25Big John
26Keith Matthew
27Travis Stephenson
28Grayson Brookshire
29Chris Cobb
30Charles Mutrie
32Vincent Melia
33Socrates Socratous
34Chris Freville
35Kisha Daine
36Huey Lee
37Shawn Casey
38Patric Chan
39Dave Johnson
40Jamie Lewis
41Howie Schwartz
42Alphis Wang
43Mike Helton
44Scott Willinsky
45Shawn Brown
46Dino Goncalves
47Darren Jennings
48Fred Ferry
49Renegade Success
50Raihan Quaderi
51Jason Smith
52David Ansley
53Ray Gregoire
54Nick Marks
55Paul Marz
56Desmond ONG
57Sam Bell
58Cody Moya
59Winter Valko
60Aditya Reddy
61Robert McDaniels
62Andrea Fulton
63Leah Anne Ciriaco
64Julie Brock
65Edge Marketing Solutions
66Yuliarto Pribadi
67Xiaodong Peng
68Mark Winget
69Dreamline Solutions, LLC
70SC Global Enterprise Ltd
71Justin Michie

And Many more…

BTW: A wise man once said “mail early mail often!”

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