Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) Today’s The Last $1000 daily & Leader board

Subject: (affiliates) Today’s The Last $1000 daily & Leader board

It’s been a whirlwind to say the least

behind the scenes yesterday…

Alot of shifts, changes and increases.

Today, we have seen a HUGE spike

in EPC’s from yesterday 🙂

And STILL more people are coming

on board to grab the last 1k.

Plus, you still have a chance….

24th – $1,000 daily winner – Justin Michie

25th – $1,000 daily winner – Ronnie Montano

26th – $1,000 daily winner – Chris Freville

27th – $1,000 daily winner – Mike Auton & Craig Kaye

28th – $1,000 daily winner – Could be you…???????

After tonight no more 1k deals, but

there’s $10,000 up for grabs…

…and right now, the one’s listed below look

like they are going to get their slice:

(unless you do something)

The Current “Top 10” leaders:

1. Ronnie Montano (running for $5k)

2. Chris Freville (running for $2k)

3. Justin Michie & Sean Clark (running for $1k)

4. Mike Auton & Craig Kaye (running for $500)

5. Paul Liburd (running for $500)

6. Blake Barrett & Jerome Chapman ($400)

7. Peter Paul (running for $200)

8. Shawn Casey & Imran are TIED (running for $200)

9. Gary Ambrose (running for $200)

10. Justin Blake (running for $200)

Here are more swipes to hold

your positions and or rise higher

to the top if your not listed:


Best Regards,


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