Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

affiliates) there’s something I haven’t told you…

affiliates) there’s something I haven’t told you…

…~Contact.FirstName~, there’s a bigger reason
why I extended the contest, and
it’s alot bigger then you and me.

Let’s just put the “21k cold
hard cash” contest aside…

Let’s put the “2011 Super Affiliate
of the year” contest aside too…

Let’s even forget about the stuff
I told you about my son…

…and let me tell you something
I never intended to share.

You see, when I say I’ve
been blessed I meant it.

Because of the internet, I’ve
experienced all my childhood
dreams and things I didn’t even
know were out there…

….I bet in a lot of
ways you have too!

When I put this product
together, I truly had my
heart in the right place.

I didn’t create this launch
just for the money…

I created it to help others.

I put more work in this product
than any product I’ve ever created
in my last 10 years online…

I put my heart and soul in it
to help others. I taught things
I really do. Not some BS made up
stuff just to make a quick buck.

..and realized it is worth
much more than I am asking.

But you see, I’m really
financially free.

I pretty much have
no debt anymore…

…and I’m in the game
to truly help people.

I have not said this publicly, but
every single sale that is made my
company donates a percentage of the
proceeds to charities my employees
help pick for our company donate too.

In October of this year, my company
announced that it would be instituting a
monthly charitable-giving initiative…

..and I put the decision-making
regarding that philanthropy in the
hands of my valued employees.

You see, this year… my team and
I have been embracing an outward,
charitable-giving focus rather than
an inward, self-motivated one.

I’m not saying this to make you
mail even more (although that would
be nice), I’m saying this because
those of you that did mail need to
know that great things will come
from your help on this launch.

In the past, I have had launches
where I matched dollar for dollar
the contribution of the front-end

…now, we are just quietly doing
this internally so we can help charities
that really mean something to to the
ones that are serving our customers.

So with that said, I appreciate your
contributions to help others!

And I truly believe this launch will
be a blessing to everyone involved you,
the customers and the charities.

Happy Holidays,


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