Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) The TOP 10 leader board is vulnerable to shaking! (Day #9)

Subject: (affiliates) The “TOP 10” leader board is vulnerable to shaking! (Day #9)
$10,000 will be won in 2 days, 9 hours, 48 minutes…

But by WHO?

Right now, it looks like…

1. $5,000? Chris Freville – has a stong holding at this moment.
2. $2,000? Mike Auton & Craig Kaye – this duo never ceases to amaze me.
3. $1,000? Ronnie Montano – Sean & Justin are moving up FAST!
4. $500? Justin Michie & Sean Clark – Looks like your about to take
over Ronnies spot.
5. $500? Blake Barrett & Jerome Chapman – It’s nice to see you here,
however Gary’s on your tail.
6. $200? Gary Ambrose – I remember speaking at an event with you like
8 years ago.
7. $200? Paul Liburd – you are just 6 units behind Gary Ambrose.
8. $200? Peter Paul – where in the world you come from?
9. $200? Imran – you are just 5 units behind Peter.
10.$200? Shawn Casey – my neighbor holding on to #10 but for how much longer.

I just got hit up again for swipe, so
don’t think your in a secure position.

So use these to hold on to that cash or go
and get on the board before it’s to late…


Time is ticking…

Best Regards,


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