Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Affiliates) The sweet EPC… is getting even better! (read this important message)

~Contact.FirstName~, the time is now.

No. Really… mail right now.

get this.

A new friend (for life now) said:
“sweet EPC…. I’m on $3.45 a hop”

Check it out:

The conversions are holding
STRONG at over 4.5% now our
Band NEW backend will double
(or maybe even triple) the EPC….

…And we are listening to you and
all of your customers feedback and in
turn making changes to make sure
start making money faster.

(btw. who does that?)


Blast this baby out – it’s hot off the
press and proven to convert.

Don’t wait, go…go…go…go…get on that
top 10 leaderboard, and win the $1,000
we’re giving away today to the top seller.

We’ll send out the leaderboard
first thing tomorrow (as soon as
clickbank updates their system)

Grab one of these and…



p.s. we are listen to customers
and rapidly making life better for
them and adding things like:

– we added even more detailed action steps
– we added even more resources
– new better video player being added
(so they can fast forward and rewind)

Bottom line: we really care about you
and your customers and will take care of
all of you. We promise you that!!

So what are you waiting for, send:

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