Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) Spillover Commissions launch is officially UN PAUSED!

Subject: (affiliates) Spillover Commissions launch is officially UN-PAUSED!

Thanks for you patience.

Spillover Commissions launch has been

unpaused and starts back up right now.

Back to where we left off…

…$15,000 Cold Hard Cash Contest…

Who’s already got extra paid Cashola:

$5,000’s gone…

24th – $1,000 daily winner – Justin Michie – PAID

25th – $1,000 daily winner – Ronnie Montano – PAID

26th – $1,000 daily winner – Chris Freville – PAID

27th – $1,000 daily winner – Mike Auton & Craig Kaye – PAID

28th – $1,000 daily winner – Chris Freville – PAID

$10,000’s Left…

To get your slice of the 10k you

only have Friday, Saturday, Sunday

and Monday… to get it. 4 days.

Right now, in the $10k running…

1. Chris Freville (running for $5k)

2. Mike Auton & Craig Kaye (running for $2k)

3. Ronnie Montano (running for $1k)

4. Justin Michie & Sean Clark (running for $500)

5. Blake Barrett & Jerome Chapman (running for $500)

6. Paul Liburd ($400)

7. Gary Ambrose (running for $200)

8. Imran (running for $200)

9. Peter Paul (running for $200)

10. Shawn Casey (running for $200)

This Money Will be WON & Paid out next

week after the FINAL results are in.

These numbers are BACK even stronger:

$.84 EPC -> https://www.imoneyhub.com

BTW: EPCs are and will only increase

because of the time scarcity that’s about

to happen very, very shortly..

…It’s a PROVEN time-tested

method I’m about to add in 🙂

And with the new additions, things

are faster so people are up selling

faster with means whatever your #’s

were they will be even BETTER.

I’m talking a lot better!

With that being said there’s a lot of

money to be made and sent to ya…

Here are the Swipes & Promo’s again:


Let’s Rock & Roll!

Best Regards,


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