Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(affiliates) So…Who WON today’s 1k (Day #3)

Subject: (affiliates) So…Who WON today’s 1k? (Day #3)

The guy that won… once said…

…and I quote…


The JV Express Train is rushing through at TOP SPEED!

There’s no stopping this MONEY ANIMAL ON WHEELS!

Make sure you grab your JV swipes and MAIL HARD TODAY

Because I can guarantee you will make BIG BANK.”

…That man is…

The Commission Crushing… Chris Freville

Who’s going to get the 1k next?

Could be you…???????

Mail and we’ll find out.

Remember:  The 5day “affiliate slam”

aka Quick Start 1K daily Bonuses…

24th – $1,000 daily winner – Justin Michie

25th – $1,000 daily winner – Ronnie Montano

26th – $1,000 daily winner – Chris Freville

27th – $1,000 daily winner – Could be you…???????

28th – $1,000 daily winner – Could be you…???????

Here are the swipes again:


Best Regards,


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