Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Affiliates) Open Up, It’s Matt & Alen!

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~, It’s Matt & Alan…

I want to tell you something and Its SUPER Important.

I got a phone call from Shawn Casey & Tom bell
this morning and they showed me their new offer,
and its bordering on MAD SCIENTIST Cool!

I know there has been a lot of launches going off,
some good, some not so good, with some marketers
you never know what your going to get.

But Ill tell you this: If Shawn and Tom are
behind it, I’m ALWAYS going to run…


Because their stuff works, and
they NEVER forget a JV partner.

Not ever!

Seriously ~Contact.FirstName~ Go there now, and get on the
list, as if a GREAT offer wasn’t enough, they are
also giving away a TON of cool prizes including
a $7000.00 motorcycle you only need to sell 10
(Yes Ten) units to get in on the drawing!

The Launch is Feb 1st so clear a few days on the
calendar, these guys never let me down and this offer
is shaping up to be the best earner yet!

Affiliate details can be found here:

Your affiliate link is:

Change the XXXX with your ClickBank ID

Here what’s in it

1) 60% commission on main product plus Continuity
Upsells Possible $500+ for a single sale!

2) Crazy conversions – Hey, this IS
Shawn & Tom were talking about!

3) All promotional materials supplied
– emails, banners, Reviews, EVERYTHING.

This is the place to be so head over now and let
them see your coming to the party, its the safest bet
in town, we will be there and I give these guys our
STRONGEST recommendation.

Thanks For Listening.

Ps: If you want to get ahold of Them Hit Scott
(Shawns Brother) at jvwithtomandshawn@gmail.com
and he will get you fixed up, whatever you need.

PPS: Do your friends a favor and pass this along, these guys
are EXCELLENT people to have owe you a favor 😉

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