Feb 12, 2022 Swipe Emails

(Affiliates) New Launch $4 Lead !! Insane Must Read

Subject: (Affiliates) New Launch $4/Lead !! Insane * Must Read *
A good friend of mine just sent me a email message
about his upcoming launch today Monday 14th.

Bobby B has been CRUSHHHING it online and
supporting almost every launch I have seen.

His new offer is paying out $4/lead !

That means you are pretty much guaranteed
to make money if you support this.

Here’s his JV Page:


I would sign up and support this
guy. He’s a great friend, great guy
and his offers always convert !

Plus he can send you about 20k clicks per
day to your own launch if you’ve supported
him in the past…… that in and of itself
makes it a no brainer!

Anyway Sign Up:


See ya on the leader boards!


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